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The  Super Air Nautique 210 is back, and in a big way. Long the company’s flagship wake ride, the 2007 210 has been rethought for the next generation of wake riding. The redesigned hull and expanded beam create a rampier wake perfect for moves into the flats, and with its convertible seating, the roomier interior is as versatile as any in the industry. What hasn’t changed is Correct Craft’s focus on wake-specific features. The Team Edition comes standard with the burly Flight Control tower, more than 900 pounds of ballast, the Hydro-Gate with SportShift wake shaper and a heck of a lot more.

HULL: Correct Craft obviously isn’t a big believer in the “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra. After all, the 210 hull had been a staple at pro events, including the WWA National Championships, for the past six years, but Correct Craft didn’t think that was any reason to rest on its laurels. So it went back to the drawing board, improving the already proven hull. The biggest change is the expanded beam, which leaped from 91 inches to 98 inches. The best change is the improved wake and extra room that the added girth provides. The updated wake is rampier than ever before, but still maintains that signature 210 pop, and the bow is insanely roomy for a 21-foot boat.

BALLAST: Thanks to the Launch Control System, 920 pounds of water has never filled so quickly.

TOWER: A necessity for dedicated riders, the Flight Control Tower and Flight Clips are predictably standard on the Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition.

WAKE SHAPER: If there’s more than one type of rider in your boat, you need to have more than one kind of wake. Good thing the Hydro-Gate with SportShift comes standard.

“It has the classic Nautique performance and handling, with the wake to back it up.”–Brandon Thomas



Make: Nautique

Model: Super Air Nautique 210 Team edition

Year: 2007

Engine: Excalibur 343

Hours: 350

Length: 21’0″

Beam: 98″

Draft: 28″

Approx. dry weight: 3,800 lb.

Capacity(fuel): 37 U.S. gals. (140.1 liters) 

Capacity(weight/people): 1,850 lb./12 people



Team edition, Perfect pass, 4 tower speakers, 2 swivel board racks, bimini top, custom snap cover(2 piece) and a tandem axel Ram-Lin trailer with hydraulic brakes.