WSM: Who should buy this boat?

MasterCraft: Two types of people. First, the person who aspires to be a wakeboarder. Certainly anyone who wants to participate in venues like the X-Games, U.S Pro Tour, Van?s Triple Crown and Boardstock would benefit from riding behind an X-Star since we pull all those events. The X-Star is the boat to buy if you aspire to ride or compete at that level. The second type would be the parents of a young, aspiring wakeboarder who want to satisfy their desire to own quality while still satisfying the kids? desire to have a cool boat.

How does the X-Star differ from your other X boats?

We offer five wakeboard boats. The X-Star is different from the X-9 because it is a V-drive. It?s different from the X-5 because it is a little bigger. It has a flatter hull and a smoother ramp than the wake of the X-10. Both the X-10 and X-30 are more recreational in nature, and they displace more water because they are wider and heavier. The X-Star is by far the most dedicated wakeboard boat we have. It seems to displace the water best for wakeboarding at the line lengths better riders use. It has a narrower wake and all the way to the lip it?s a cleaner wake.

What makes this such a good wakeboarding boat?

The hull design and wake shape. The density of the wake is thick. You can push off of it. The lip seems to be good for the bigger spin tricks. I think the width is better. It?s a little smaller and narrower, which makes the perfect combo. At 90 inches wide, our riders have found it to be perfectly sized. The tower has been redesigned so there is no blind spot as there has been in years past. It?s also standard with a four-speaker plus subwoofer 300-watt waterproof Clarion CD sound system, which is pretty cool. You can get the tower speakers to trick it out even more. I think we offer the nicest extra gear.

Its 310hp EFI engine doesn?t bog down under heavy loads. When you push the throttle down, the X-Star responds. The multi-port option performs even better. Our three-piece sundeck is perfect for hanging out. The Triple KGB system, which is an internal tank in the middle ski locker that holds 400 pounds plus two tanks in the back that hold 200 pounds each, fills in about five to seven minutes. We still give you enough room for a board or storage. You can still fit more weight in the back if desired.


Make: MasterCraft

Model: Xstar

Year: 2001

Engine: Predator 310 h.p.

Hours: 421

Length: 20ft. 7in.

Beam: 90 in.

Fuel capacity: 33 gal.

Seating capacity: 10


Boat cover, 2 wakeboard racks, completely detailed with new decals, teak platform, zeroflex flyer wakeboard tower, 3 ballast.