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Malibu’s Wakesetter 20 VTX is a 20-foot multisport machine that’s fun to drive, has classic Malibu Boat wakes and sports a sleek interior. The hull offers crazy-responsive handling, which means you’ll have as much fun behind the wheel as you do behind the boat. The VTX is in the most convenient size class in the inboard market, making it is easy to trailer and store in a garage and compliant with size-restricted waterways. Veteran boaters and first-timers alike will appreciate how easy this boat is to drop in at ramps and haul from place to place. That said, the VTX feels surprisingly big inside and fits 10 people without a problem. Outfitted with the 3-D hull, the VTX is Malibu’s No. 1 crossover boat, and it’s even more versatile when equipped with Surf Gate, which is improved for 2014 to help you create perfect surf waves. Surf Gate lets you switch your surf wave from side to side while your boat stays evenly weighted. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a blast to transfer from side to side, and anyone can do it within a few sets.

The Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You have a multidiscipline crew or family and want one of the most versatile hulls available in a stylish package and convenient size.


Le Wakesetter VTX était introduit en 2007 avec beaucoup de succès. Le VTX ne démontre aucun comprit pour toute la famille. La vague et planche et de surf sont très proche de ceux du Wakesetter VLX (21.6). Depuis 2013 le bateau est AWSA approuved (3 event). Avec un seul changement qui sera le poteau de ski nautique en option. Le Wakesetter VTX est le bateau le plus versatile que vous allez trouver. Pour plus d’informations n’hésiter pas a nous contacter.




Make/Marque: Malibu

Model/Modèle: Wakesetter VTX

Year/Année: 2014

Engine/Moteur: Monsoon 409 **This is the only VTX ever built with this engine/C’est le seul VTX construit avec le 409**

Hours/Heures: 83.3

Length/Longueur: 20’0″

Beam/Largeur: 98″

Draft/Tirant d’eau: 22″

Dry weight/Poids à sec: 3,500 lbs

Capacity(people/weight)/Capacité(peronnes/poids): 11/1,505 lbs

Capacity(fuel)/Capacité(essence): 38 gal. U.S./144 litres



4 Ballast(1,250 lbs), Power Wedge(1,200 lbs), Surf Gates, rear plug n’ play, Sound pack VTX, Sub, 4 haut parleurs de tour, 3 amplis, 2 support à planche PTM(clamps), miroir PTM(pare-brise), lumières d’accostage, 4 taquets d’amarrage, chaufferette 3 sorties, Sun-deck walk-over, Toit bimini(CS), Toile Malibu(CS) et une remorque Boatmate simple essieu avec freins hydraulique.

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