**More pictures below**The boat shown is a 2012 with the exact same colours as the 2013**



The 20 VTX is one of the most versatile boats in Malibu’s lineup, with a progressive dash that looks sharp and houses easy-to-use gauges. When weighted for wakeboarding, with 1,250 pounds of hard-tank ballast, the wakes have that classic Malibu shape with long ramps and smooth transitions. For one of the best ever V-drive slalom pulls, opt for the Cut Diamond hull and removable center pylon. And with the addition of the new Surf Gate, which allows effortless on-the-fly surfing on either side of the boat, the 20 VTX is arguably the best multisport inboard available.



Make: Malibu

Model: Wakesetter VTX

Year: 2013

Engine: Monsoon 350

Hours: 115

Length: 20’0″

Beam: 98″

Draft: 22″

Capacity(weight/seating): 1,550 lb./11 persons

Capacity(fuel): 38 U.S. gallons/144 liters

Dry weight: 3,500 lb.



SURF GATES, 4 ballast(1,250 lb.), power wedge(1,200 lb.), Diamond hull, pro speed control, 2 swivel wakeboard racks, sound pack 1 (stereo, 1/8 jack, usb port, 4 speakers), bimini top, snap in carpet, 4 pull-up cleats, Malibu boat cover and a single axel trailer with hydraulic brakes.