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Malibu commemorates 25 years of leading the industry with the Wakesetter VLX Silver Edition. From the customized trailer complete with 17-inch wheels to the exclusive metallic vinyl accents to the exterior stainless-steel emblems, this boat is shrouded in the luxurious fit and finish that have become Malibu’s signature quality. Beneath all the Silver Edition accoutrements, the V25 Wake hull continues to offer up the performance that has made the VLX Malibu’s flagship wakeboarding model for years. Limited to the number built in 2007, the Wakesetter VLX Silver Edition is truly a connoisseur’s boat and is bound to make Malibu devotees swoon.


The VLX was designed with hard-core wakeboarding in mind. The V25 Wake hull and 700 pounds of standard ballast make it capable of churning up huge wakes right out of the box. But with the Power Wedge deployed, the wakes are even more impressive. Not only are they pro-level in size, they’ve got well-formed peaks and awesome landing zones that are great for lateral moves. The mellow transitions are easy to edge but will still kick you up.
When it comes to double-ups, the VLX plows through with authority and is solid enough to stand up to even the strongest rider’s pull. Its tracking muscle is thanks in part to the extra-deep Gorilla fins, as well as the balanced design of the entire boat. With the Silver Edition’s standard 400 hp, expect some tremendous power at the throttle that will help this ride get on a quick plane, even with all 1,200 pounds of the available ballast tanks full.



Brand: Malibu

Model: Wakesetter VLX

Année: 2007

Engine: Hammerhead 383 (400 h.p.)

Hours: 750

Length: 21’6″

Beam: 98″

Draft: 24″

Capacity (people): 11

Capacity (fuel): 46 U.S. gals./174 liters



 This boat is fully loaded, 4 ballast, power wedge, 4 tower speakers, 8 tower lights, 2 wakeboard racks, sound pack 3, sub, 3 amps, 8 cockpit speakers, drivers stereo remote, limited edition colours(metal flake), heater, 2 piece snapped boat cover, bimini top, 4 pull-up cleats and a single axel trailer with hydraulic brakes.

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