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Any number of boats can pull a skier, and quite a few even live up to the expectations of experts. But you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of ski boats that deliver both world-class, all-event performance and top-quality construction at an entry-level price.

At the head of this short list is the Malibu Sportster. In a market that’s moving toward “recreational tow boats” and “multi-purpose inboards,” the Sportster stands as an unrepentant tribute to the skiing fanatic.

Like those who truly love the sport, the Sportster doesn’t focus on one single skill, but instead strives to do all things well. For those into serious shortline slalom, this AWSA-approved tow boat delivers agile power, near world-class wakes and top-notch tracking. Ditto for the three-event crowd.

According to our test team, the Sportster provides great wakes for entry-level barefooting and also gives advanced footers the competition-level crests and curls they require. The standard 310-hp power plant can power a big slalom skier to 36 in about five seconds and has plenty of acceleration and top speed for footing

For the whole article check out: http://waterskimag.com/ski-boats/2001/06/14/malibu-sportster/


Make: Malibu

Model: Sportster

Engine: Indmar 310 H.P.

Hours: 615

Length: 20 feet

Beam: 86 inches

Draft: 16 inches

Weight: 2,200 lbs

Capacity: 6 Persons (1095 lbs)

Fuel capacity: 38 (U.S. gal.)



Single axel trailer, boat cover.