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By only slightly modifying the hard-core Response LX, Malibu has crafted the Response LXi to be more family-friendly while still staying true to its skiing roots. The biggest change is the addition of a walk-through to the open bow, which allows for easy access to that seating and storage. A more subtle tweak is the extra 31¼2 inches of width for a comfortable rear bench seat and good walking space around the engine box. And the rear trunk has a split lid that opens on 10 cubic feet of storage space that easily holds a few skis.
While the LXi accommodates kids and spouse, it maintains its tournament-level ski performance with the SV23 Diamond hull. That’s why so many pros have this as their personal boat. And this model has everything that makes a Malibu a Malibu: a vibration-free drive with the fiberglass unibody construction, the cushy feel of the color-matched upholstery and carpeting, and plenty of classy touches, like chromed emblems. The Response LXi can be the perfect boat for practically all skiers.


Now this is what a wake is supposed to feel like as you rip across the lake on your ski. The wakes are very minimal and very soft — long line through the most challenge rope lengths. Spray at any line length is a non-issue, and there is no significant bump at 22 off that you have to contend with. Equally impressive, the LXi handles like dream. When we cranked the wheel, we gave the Response LXi a perfect 10 for its extremely nimble response, which proved to be one of the best of our test. The boat holds a line extremely well and confidently follows even minute wheel movements. With the Hammerhead 400 hp engine, this boat is smoking fast out of the hole and has progressive power through its range.


• The Response LXi is a serious ski boat worthy of the best pros, yet it makes room for the family, too.
• Walk-through bow offers welcome access, and comes with a wind block that slides
into place.
• Driver’s seat comes standard with flip-up bolster.
• Engine is through-bolted at eight points to minimize vibration.
• Rear trunk has a split lid that locks.
• Section of gelcoat above the rub rail is a distinctive styling touch.




Make: Malibu

Model: Response LXI

Year: 2005

Engine: Monsoon 340

Hours: 290.9

Length: 20’6″

Beam: 93.5″

Seating capacity: 8 people

Fuel capacity: 41 gallons, 155 liters



Monsoon 340 H.P. engine, titan III tower, bimini top, wedge, perfect pass (3 event), heater,  cd player (USB and MP3 plug), 4 speakers, sub, 2 amps, driver’s remote(Stereo), fibreglass platform, full Malibu boat cover and a single axel Boatmate trailer with hydraulic brakes.