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Because you’re all about skiing, so is the Response LX. It’s a divinely tuned ski machine worthy of the best skiers in the world. Even for the rest of us shortliners, the LX offers virtually unbeatable dawn patrols with an explosive hole shot (at 4.5 seconds to 36 mph, the LX was the fastest accelerating boat we tested), precision handling and soft wakes. We even appreciate the lack of a walk-through — no cold winds swirling into the driver’s console, which itself is dialed in with fingertip controls and an adjustable lumbar-support seat. The interior has just enough storage space and seating for ski partners as serious about the sport as you are. This is a record-breaking ski boat with a classic look that will have you falling in love with skiing all over again.

The slalom performance is at the pro level. The remarkably narrow beam, just 90 inches, minimizes the size of wakes, and the SV23 Diamond hull quiets them down even further. They’re soft all the way up the rope, and even the 22-off bump is ever so slight. The inboard handling is truly like a sports car’s, with rack-and-pinion steering and virtually no vibration. The 2005 addition of Malibu’s new adjustable rudder, which you can customize for your use, ensures that you can compensate for the hardest pulls from either side to keep the tracking true through the course.

• Malibu’s classic open-bow ski boat continues to deliver timeless slalom
• Proven hull design responsible for pulling nine jump world records in the past six years.
• With the Monsoon 340-horsepower engine, the Response LX was the fastest accelerating boat to 36 mph of our tests.
• Upholstery, storage compartments, gelcoat, construction all of premium quality.

Top Speed 47.2 mph 5,150 rpm
Accel. to 30 mph 3.5 sec. 81.5 ft.
Accel. to 36 mph 4.5 sec. 132.9 ft.
Noise Levels (db) Neutral 61 D 63 R, 36 mph 83 D 93 R



Make: Malibu

Model: Response LX

Year: 2006

Engine: LCR 320

Hours: 300

Length: 20’0″

Beam: 90″

Draft: 16″

Dry weight: 2,450 lbs

Capacity(seating): 8 persons

Capacity(fuel): 35 U.S. gallons/132 litters



Pro speed control, Manuel wedge, Roswll tower, 2 wakeboard racks, 2 tower speakers, amp, cd player with 4 speakers, heater and a 2 piece snap boat cover.