How to find and buy the perfect waterfront cottage to enjoy your boat?

In order to find your ideal property, it is first important to determine your most important criterias. We know that the number of bedrooms and the maximum budget is the basis of a research, but finding the lakes that have motor boats permitted, the distance from the grocery stores and restaurants, and the property sun orientation should also be considered.

Once these criterias are established, it is important to determine the maximum distance you wish from your main residence (or from your work if it’s a primary residence). Using Google Map you can determine the few areas that might interest you and the driving time

You can then go on the website to do a preliminary search using the map to get a first idea of the type of properties that match your criterias.

Write down the address, price, and the mls # of the properties in order to refer to them in the future.

The and websites are also very user friendly for your research.


Once you find 5 or 10 properties that you find interesting, it is suggested to contact Yanick Laporte (819-429-9001, a real estate broker and owner of Century 21 Tremblant, who is the expert in waterfront properties across the Laurentians.  He knows all the lakes, he will share with you his knowledge of the market, and represent you in order to help you find your ideal property. Also share your criterias with him so that he can suggest other properties that you may have not noticed.


Thereafter, take 2 to 4 hours to visit these properties and the surrounding area. Stop for a coffee or lunch in the nearest village and pick up the local newspapers to get a better ‘feel’ of the region.


Finally, when a lake or a specific property interests you, ask about the water quality, about the septic system, and about the neighbours to know as much as possible before making a promise to purchase.


The following articles are also very useful information:

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Good luck!

See you on the water,


Andrew Farrell


C2C Marine